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Pre-Packaged Chemical Injection Pump Skids & Systems

Chemical feed and control systems are a vital component in all process water and wastewater treatment applications. Each chemical has its own unique set of challenges that must be taken into consideration in the design, selection and application of the pump systems. No matter what chemicals you are dosing, safety, reliability and precise control are required to optimize the chemical reaction and reduce operating costs.

The HydroFlo Pre-Packaged Chemical Injection Pump Skids and Pump Systems are used for precise control over water quality. These systems must also include on line measurement and control, ensuring safe and reliable operation and nbsp. Our extensive portfolio of solutions is designed to meet all of your liquid, dry and polymer feed requirements.

Typical wastewater treatment chemicals:

Liquid phase hypochlorite, sulfates/sulfites, corrosion inhibitors, acids, caustics, antiscalants and antifoaming agents

Polymers for coagulation, flocculation and sludge thickening

Dry substances such as lime, activated carbon, powdered, flaked and pelletized materials

An extensive range of HydroFlo liquid feed, dry feed and polymer feed systems, analyzers and controllers provides a unique solution capability from a single source, covering the entire wastewater treatment process.

Standard Features:

  • Isolation valves to service pump

  • Pre-piped
  • Pre-wired
  • Factory tested
  • Integrates with other HydroFlo products
  • Compact design for small footprint
  • Epoxy coated ASTM A-36 carbon steel skid
  • State of the art NEMA-4X, UL 508 electrical enclosure
  • Skid Mounted
  • Stand alone operation

Available Options:

  • Variable speed system control, excellent for reducing operating costs and maintaining constant flow through filter feed systems while pumping against fluctuating discharge line pressures.

  • Special coatings
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Plastic construction for highly corrosive environments
  • Duplex systems for redundancy
  • Instrumentation and controls
  • Float level controls
  • Ultrasonic level controls
  • Intrinsically safe design
  • Explosion-proof sesign
  • SCADA system monitoring
  • Potable water design


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Technologies in our chemical feed and control portfolio include:
Liquid feed systems
Dry feed systems
Polymer feed systems
Chemical induction systems
Analyzers and process controllers

With liquid feed systems, long-term accuracy and reliability are the key ingredients to success. Of special concern are liquids that have a high vapor pressure, which can be difficult to meter reliably. This begins with selecting the appropriate materials of construction to the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical design details.

Our equipment can be used to accurately dose chemicals ranging from sodium hypochlorite, acids and caustics to viscous polymers and slurries in a dependable and safe manner. High performance materials are used in all critical areas to ensure optimum compatibility and long service life. The LMI diaphragm metering pump is the standard for the industry and is among the most efficient and reliable.

Dry feed systems present a different set of challenges due to their inability to flow like liquids, hide out in crevices, become compacted, clog openings, etc. Handling of bulk materials, preparation of slurries, measuring and accurately controlling the dose can be troublesome, if not done correctly.

HydroFlo dry feed products and systems deliver outstanding performance to precisely measure and effectively disperse and dose common dry water treatment chemicals. Special care and attention to detail go into all of our products providing long-term, low maintenance solutions. From silos to slakers, gravimetric and volumetric feed systems, manual and automatic control, we can provide a solution to meet your needs.

Polymers, which are quite complex, possess unique properties that require special care, attention and understanding. For full utilization of the polymer, it must be properly dissolved, activated, aged and dispersed. If any one of these steps is not done with the utmost care, the result will be excessive polymer consumption and unreliable polymer performance, ultimately resulting in unnecessary higher operating costs.

HydroFlo's polymer dosing technology effectively addresses and overcomes these difficulties, maximizing polymer efficiency and reducing consumption. Available in a wide range of capacities and tailored to your exact polymer’s requirements, you can be assured of complete polymer utilization and low operating costs.

Chemical induction systems play an important role in chemical feed and control applications. As costs for specialty treatment chemicals continue to rise, realizing the most efficient use of these includes dilution, injection and mixing.