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HydroFlo Packaged Systems

The whole is more than just a sum of its parts

HydroFlo has a great deal of experience and technical knowledge in designing custom packaged systems for your wastewater treatment needs. We dedicate a great deal of time and effort to ensuring that the system we recommend will be a great fit for your application, and will be cost effective as well. You can feel confident that HydroFlo will take the time to understand your application, and provide detailed information and guidance, from the proposal stage to equipment start-up in the field.

  • HydroFlo Technologies fully engineered skid mounted treatment systems are an excellent choice for fully automatic, reliable wastewater treatment in a compact, easy to install and use package.

  • HydroFlo Technologies fully engineered skid mounted treatment systems can be configured for a wide variety of wastewater conditions, making them the most versatile systems available.

  • HydroFlo Technologies treatment systems come complete with all the components integrated and skid mounted to make a complete wastewater treatment system. The integral chemical mixing and separation chambers, automatic pH adjusting system, chamber mixers, chemical pumps, sludge dewatering, and system control panel are included. The clarification and coalescing media packs (if supplied) are easily removed for servicing. Different configurations and materials of construction are offered to handle any difficult wastewater application and combination of treatment methodologies. Standard and custom configurations include oil/water separation, inclined plate clarification, dissolved air flotation, sludge conditioning and dewatering, and fully automatic controls.

Oil and Gas Industry Treatment Systems
    for the treatment of
Flowback and Produced Water

Moble Systems handle up to 
450 GPM of continuous flow
(based on application)

Perminent Sites handle 
unlimited continuous flow
(based on application)

The HydroFlo PWF treatment system is designed to treat wastewater generated in the oil and gas industry and to produce efflcuent of a standard consistent with your desired level of "treatability".  Effluents are achievable anywhere from greywater (for reuse or deep well injection) to potable water suitable for any application.  Effluent streams of any quality are available, and the chioce is yours.

Our practical knowledge is extensive and we always take the entire project into consideration from design through construction to give you a system that will function exactly as designed and do so with a minimum of operator and maintenance requirements.



Emulsion Breaking System Featuring DynaPac™
"Enhanced Gravity" type Oil/Water Separator

Model EBX-5 handles up to
10 GPM of continuous flow
(based on application)

The HydroFlo EBX (emulsion breaking system) has more standard features than any other unit on the market.

We start you off with a basic acid cracking system with separation and pH neutralization. Our "basic" package includes all the mixers, pumps and controls necessary.

What makes our system different from the rest is, as your requirements change (from either plant expansion or changing discharge limits) you can upgrade the system to meet your new requirements. By adding a drag skimmer and recirculation system you can convert the base system into a fully functioning DAF (dissolved air flotation system). Adding a parallel plate media pack to your system will increase its efficiency 3 to 6 times depending on the pack you install.

The HydroFlo EBX comes pre-assembled, factory tested. It is easy to install, simple to operate and maintain. Everything you could want in an industrial duty package built to take all the abuse you can throw at it and still keep doing its job day in and day out.

If you follow the link to our "Application Library", you will find examples of just a few of the packaged systems HydroFlo has supplied over the past 20 years.

HydroFlo exceeds government specifications and contractor expectations...

The packaged system above was designed to meet an extremely tight government specification. Not only did we design the equipment to satisfy the specification, we actually exceeded it on many points. We satisfied the intent of the specification by increasing the size of the key process equipment and incorporating features not specifically addressed in the specifications.

HydroFlo lands project at PSNSY...

This is an example of a packaged wastewater treatment system, (currently three operating), we supplied to the PSNSY. The entire system is built on skid mounted modules. It is designed to be disassembled (via quick electrical and plumbing disconnects) and prepped for shipment in less than 24 hours. Once transferred and positioned at the new site, the equipment is designed to be operational within 84 hours.