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HydroFloTech Media Packs Equipment Overview

HydroFlo offers custom built media packs in an unlimited range of sizes and configurations.

DynaPac™ Cross Corrugated Coalescing media is ideal for the separation of oil from water, water from oil, and suspended solids from process and wastewater streams as well as numerous other biological process and wastewater treatment systems. The DynaPac™ media is available in many sizes and materials of construction, making it suitable for just about every possible environment.


LamPac™ Parallel Plate Separation Media

Retrofit for existing clarifiers

LamPac™ media is available for retrofit into any existing clarifier on the market. If you have an existing system where the plate pack is need of replacement, we can help you out.

Even if your existing equipment is discontinued, or the original manufacturer is no longer in business, we can manufacture a replacement pack suitable for your application.

Also, we can design and fit our plate packs into mobile tailored systems for companies who rent out temporary equipment for water treatment at construction sites, etc... 

Or, for companies who build mobile systems for the periodic maintenance of large scale bulk storage tank farms.

LamPac™ parallel plate separation media is available in cross-flow, up-flow and down-flow configurations. Ideal for use in separators and clarifiers of all types, our plate packs are available in any material of construction with plate spacing, from 3/4" to 3" and more.

Hydro-Flo manufactures a broad line of media packs for oil water separators, inclined plate - parallel plate - type clarifiers, biological systems, etc... We can supply packs for both stand alone fabricated devices or large in ground systems.

Sized to handle any flow rate and designed to handle even the highest product loading ratios. HydroFlo media packs are designed and built to deliver state-of-the-art results and the longest service life achievable.

These are the same plate packs we use in our own highly efficient line of oil water separators, inclined plate clarifiers, and fixed film bio-systems. A wide variety of materials of construction are available to meet even the most demanding applications.

DynaPac™ Cross Corrugated Coalescing Media

HydroFlo's DynaPac™ cross corrugated coalescing media is a versatile media suitable for a diverse range of applications.

DynaPac Cross Corrugated "Coalescing" Oil Water Separator MediaThis product (in use since the early 80s) has proven itself to be the most effective oil water separation media in the market today. It is available in different materials of construction and configurations to handle different flow rates, solids loading ratios and even the most aggressive products.

Also, we are the only current manufacturer offering this media in both 304 and 316 stainless steel.

While we use this media primarily in our line of oil water separators, it is suitable for many other applications including trickling filters, cooling towers, and solids and liquid phase separation.

LamPac™ Parallel Plate Separation Media

DynaPac Cross Corrugated "Coalescing" Oil Water Separator Media

HydroFlo's LamPac™ parallel plate separation media is primarily used as a solids sedimentation media, although it is suitable for use in dissolved air flotation systems and oil water separators.

LamPac™ media can be configured to fit any application. For example, the photos to the right show a custom installation that converted a hopper bottom mobile tank into a 1,200 GPM counter-current clarifier.

This media has been used in co-current, counter-current and cross flow configurations. The media can be sized for new installations or retrofitting existing equipment and facilities of any size and configuration.

LamPac™ is available in polypropylene, PVC, stainless steel, and FRP as a standard. Other materials are available as an option.