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HydroFlo Tech designs and builds a broad line of control systems. Our engineers, designers and craftsmen take pride in supplying world-class control packages that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Specializing in system integration and automated process systems, HydroFlo knows what it takes to bring a project in on budget, and on time.

Our overall system control packages are built to the highest standards. UL panel fabrication (UL 508A, UL 698A intrinsically safe, explosion proof, etc.), Data Logging, relay logic or PLC based design, HMI programming, SCADA systems, and wireless technology are just a few of our overall controls capabilities. All of this is backed up by services that include design, engineering, field start-up, troubleshooting and in house or field support services.

HydroFlo services many industries including (but not limited to) Aerospace, Automotive, Biotechnology, Chemical, Environmental Companies, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Metal Finishing, Metal Plating, Military (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard) Mining, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Refining, Research and Educational Labs, Semi- conductor, Solar Cell, Utilities, etc.

HydroFlo engineered control panels and packages...
The preferred choice for fully automatic, reliable control systems.


NEMA-4 Industrial Duty
pH Control Panel

Model pH-1.0

This basic panel includes all the functions required for controlling the pH of a waste stream.

It accepts inputs from a pH sensor which controls two outputs.  The standard setup is one chemical metering pump with an alarm circuit.  The system can be configured for two chemical metering pumps as an option (metering pumps and pH sensor sold separately).  The panel comes complete with a mixer control circuit and a lockable main disconnect switch.

NEMA-4 Industrial Duty
Duplex Pump Control Panel

Model PM-1.5 DPLX

This basic panel includes all the functions required for controlling a duplex 1.5 HP pump system.

These three phase lift station control panels incorporate all the features you demand from an industrial duty control system.  Included as standard are Hand-Off-Auto controls, pump run lights, alarm circuits with lights and alternating pump controls (this function gives the pumps extended "off" time, helping to extend motor life and promote even wear on pump seals, impellers and pump housings) as well as a control transformer, motor starters and an emergency stop button.

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