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Control Panels

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Quality Assurance Program

Electrical Control Panel Inspection

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Approved Electrical Drawing Rev#:                                       Current Electrical Drawing Rev#:                                                









  1. AS BUILT drawings and component operating instructions provided.




Exterior QC:




  1. All door mounted apparatus and associated labels installed.




  1. Exterior attachments laid out as designed.




Interior QC




  1. EVERY component is labeled (tagged) to match the ladder diagram.




  1. All wiring neat, properly bundled, in wireways and/or wrapped.




  1. All wiring connections to components are secure (pull test).  Check for pinched insulators, loose terminal screws, loose connections, etc.




  1. Check fuses and circuit breakers for proper sizing according to dwg.




  1. All terminal block points with wire #s are wired with % spare.




  1. All wiring labeled on both ends with Grafoplast or equal.




  1. Panel UL certified if required




Functional Tests




  1. Transformer input / output voltage as specified.




  1. All components configured –
    Controllers, instruments, timers, VFD’s,  recorders, PID functions, etc.




  1. Install jumpers as needed to simulate proper input/output signals and test ALL interlocks and circuits for proper functional operation.




  1. Install analog meter (4-20mA) as needed to measure analog outputs and resulting control panel operational functions as needed.




  1. Install analog generator (4-20mA) to simulate analog inputs and resulting control panel operational functions as needed.




  1. Set or verify each motor OL setting to FLA data found on drawing




  1. Trip each motor OL and verify door mounted light operation.




  1. Trip each motor OL and verify output signal operation.




  1. Operate all selector switches and verify interior component operation.
    ie: Motor starters, VFDs, control relays, etc.




  1. Operate all selector switches and verify pilot light operation.
    Verify proper operation under normal and OL tripped conditions.




  1. Simulate all system fault signals and verify proper operational results, if any.  Alarms, relays, inputs/outputs, horn, dialer, HMI banners, etc.





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