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Chemical Pump Dosing Rates Spreadsheet

Below is a link to a spreadsheet developed by HydroFlo Tech.

By inputting the major design criteria, you can solve for total chemical consumption as well as GPM & GPH dosing rates.

The spreadsheet operates on Microsoft Excel 2003, or later.

Chemical Pump Dosing Rates

Below is a sample shot of the spreadsheet.

Chemical Name = Acid - Typical        
Project Name = XX-XXXX        
Input information          
Process GPM =  105        
Polymer weight/gallon =  10.3  Weight of polymer per gallon to be used
Process Polymer  % (expressed as decimal) =  1  Polymer concentration to be used in the final process
% of Polymer used in the test (expressed as decimal) =  1  Polymer concentration used for the treatability test
Treatability test sample size (ml)  =  500  Wastewater sample size    
How many CCs used in the treatability test =  1.75  How many CCs were used to make a successful treatment
Yield of the calculations          
Polymer consumption GPD (neat)   428.49786        
Polymer consumption GPH (neat)   17.85408        
Polymer consumption GPM (neat)   0.29757        
Polymer consumption Ounces/Min (neat)   38.08870        
PPM of polymer needed to make the process work   3500   24  Process Day (Hrs)
RTU polymer/water mixture consumption GPM   0.29757        
RTU polymer/water mixture consumption GPH   17.85408        
RTU polymer/water mixture consumption GPD   428.49786