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HydroFloTech Batch Chemical Reaction Systems

This is a custom (sump installation) pH adjustment system installed in a large produce processing facility. Click on the image above to view a movie showing the system in operation.

At this facility they were violating pH discharge limits at both ends of the pH spectrum. They were confronted with a number of installation issues that required them to install a main collection sump for fluid transfer. At Hydro-Flo's recommendation, they combined the sump and pH control package into one compact sump mounted gravity flow through system that eliminated the need for a sophisticated transfer pump station and all the ancillary control systems.

They are currently in compliance and have the system dialed in using a minimum of acid and caustic.

Hydro-Flo manufactures three basic types of batch treatment systems. These are pH adjustment, pH neutralization and sequential multi-process systems.

Batch treatment systems are typically reserved for facilities that generate sporadic, low volume (less than 20,000 GPD) wastewaters.

Batch pH Neutralization Systems

Like the pH adjustment system, the HydroFlo pH neutralization system is a basic, single reaction system. The difference is that the neutralization system is designed to adjust the pH of highly concentrated acid or caustic solutions. After neutralization, the solutions are ready for use in a specific manufacturing process or for discharge to sanitary sewer.