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The HydroFlo Advantage

Engineering & Design

The design of all the equipment in the HydroFlo product line is based on years of theoretical and practice experience. We take every aspect of our products design into consideration. We analyze cross sectional velocities (actual not nominal), length to height to width ratios (for proper overall flow distribution), laminar flow conditions & Reynolds calculations (for quiescent flow distribution), Inlet flow distribution, effluent flow distribution, sludge management and conditioning, and every other possible criteria throughout the entire device. Everything is taken into consideration.

To resolve these multiple design issues we apply sophisticated engineering and multi-physics fluid dynamic modeling programs.

All this experience, as well as our ongoing design and practical application research assures you that every HydroFlo product will perform exactly as designed each and every time.

Documentation and Project Management

One of the most "under-rated" and "under-appreciated" aspects of any project are the documentation and project management disciplines.

Typically, these items are handled via e-mail correspondence and PDF documents. While, at the start of a project, it is easy to keep everyone on the same page and aware of the overall requirements and projected status. As the project progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to keep everybody involved up to date. Requests for change or modification can come in that have an effect on a number of different disciplines. Electrical, mechanical, process and facilities management can all be effected by a single change. Obsolete copies of PDF documents are often used by people unaware of ongoing changes resulting in lost time and costly rework.

We support our customers with one of the finest documentation and project management systems in the industry. We maintain every aspect of your project (from the the initial proposal to the completed project) on a dedicated website created specifically for you. Every detail of your project is published and made available to all the team members involved in the project. This way everyone involved in the project is kept up to date on the engineering and production schedules and any required or requested engineering changes.

Here are a few sample screen shots of a typical customer site...


Our standard design practices give our equipment unmatched flexibility. All of our separators can be upgraded with features and functionality not available from any of the competition. Our base model API style separators can be upgraded with numerous media types and sizes. Our clarifiers can be upgraded with the addition of drag skimmers. The addition of optional sludge augers / thickeners and other options are basic bolt on operation that can be easily performed in the field. You can even convert any HydroFlo separator into a fully functioning DAF or IAF with the addition of a dissolved or induced air recycling system. HydroFlo separators are never outdated. They can be reconfigured to meet your changing process requirements.


HydroFlo is one of the world leaders in separation technology. We have been supplying standard and custom designed specialty separators for over 25 years. We have supplied the primary separation systems to the worlds largest oil refineries. We have supplied specialty equipment to chemical producers solving complex liquid phase separation issues. We have manufactured more separators over the past 25 years than any other manufacturer in the United States.

For Example...
We were the first to "properly" apply the data provided in API pub 421 "Design and Operation of Oil/Water Separators". This document supplies a tremendous amount of data in regard to the proper design of oil water separation equipment and is frequently quoted by manufactures as the basis for their separators design. Unfortunately even today, 25 years after it's first publication, much of the data is misapplied. In fact, most of our competitors only solve for projected surface area without consideration to any of the other design parameters.


At HydroFlo "support" continues after the sale. In addition to pre-sale technical support, we also supply support during the engineering, submittal process and manufacturing process. Tech support is available during installation and start up. Also, we continue to supply support for your operators and staff after installation and start up.


HydroFlo equipment is the undisputed leader in market value. When finished evaluating our overall designs, quality of construction, level of experience and support you will be surprised to find that we are very competitively priced with the competition.

Evaluating water and wastewater treatment equipment for purchase can be a difficult task. If you perform a search on the Internet, you will find literally hundreds of companies who claim to manufacture wastewater treatment equipment, but NONE of them publish the price of their equipment or systems. Also, few and far between publish their engineering specifications or design criteria, AND the information found on sites is inconsistent at best and is presented as more of an advertisement as opposed to useful engineering specifications and data.

We price ALL our products to be competitive with like equipment. If you find our price higher than that of a competitive product, it is most likely because we are not making an apples to apples comparison. Even when "supposedly" talking about the same piece of equipment, the actual physical size can vary by as much as 50% or more.

Here is just one of the detailed explanations of equipment design and sizing issues available on our site...

Oil Water Separators...

Also, our equipment is built to the strictest structural and mechanical design standards. There are few who even approach our quality of fabrication, construction and design. Every piece of equipment we manufacture is designed and built to last a lifetime. We take pride in the fact that our equipment is NOT designed to the bare minimum standards, but built as if it were for our own use.

In conclusion, we are confident that our pricing is competitive with like equipment. In fact, we guarantee it. If you find a supplier selling like equipment for a lower price, we will not only match the price, but we will beat it by 5%. Contact HydroFlo for details.