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Wireless Technology Control Panels

Wireless technology has come a long way over the last few years. Increased reliability and reduced hardware costs have made wireless technology a viable substitution to running wires. Hydro-Flo offers many different types of wireless solutions, from remote access to a PLC and process data to skid-to-skid communication.

Most of HydroFlo’s more advanced PLC control systems include the ability to access the PLC and a digital data logger over an ethernet connection or dedicated phone line. This gives the client the ability to monitor the process remotely, and gives our engineers the ability to update software or troubleshoot the system without making a service call. Most facilities today have network connections readily available on the plant floor, but if the control panel is located in a remote location or where a network or phone line is not available, wireless is the way to go. HydroFlo can install a cellular wireless modem in the control panel that the customer and our engineers can dial into for access to the PLC and logged data. Some of our customers use a cellular data card and a laptop to access the system from anywhere in the country.

Wireless technology can also be used for skid-to-skid communication. Some skid mounted equipment requires multiple skids for ease of installation. All of this equipment must communicate with a central PLC control panel and running signal wires can be a big expense. Using wireless ethernet radios, or wireless I/O radios, eliminates the need of running these wires. Popular wireless standards include 802.11b, 802.11g, and Bluetooth.

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