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UL 698A Intrinsically Safe Control Panels

Along with building NEMA 7 (explosion proof) panels, Hydro-Flo also manufactures UL 698A certified panels. UL 698A is the UL specification for the design and fabrication of intrinsically safe control panels. We have listed the Table of Contents from UL-698A (see below). All of the items covered by UL-698A are supplied, in addition to the items covered by the standard UL-508A specification.

Any time you have to control a process located in a hazardous area, intrinsically safe control panels are always the preferred method of construction and installation. These hazardous areas are often contaminated with a variety of flammable gases and vapors. By locating the control panel outside the classified area and installing intrinsically safe barriers (along with other safeguards) the panel can be classified as intrinsically safe.

If, due to process or operator requirements, the control system must be installed within the classified area, a NEMA 7 explosion proof panel will be required.

UL-508A Table of Contents

  • Cover
  • Transmittal
  • Table of Contents
  • Body
      • 1 Scope
      • 2 Undated References
      • 3 Units of Measurement
      • 4 Glossary
      • 5 Application of Requirements
      • 6 Barriers
      • 7 External Equipment
      • 8 Spacings
      • 9 Separation of Circuits
        • 9.1 General
        • 9.2 Separation by distance
        • 9.3 Separation by partitions
      • 10 Ground Terminal
      • 11 Mechanical Tests
      • 12 Internal Markings
      • 13 External Markings
      • 14 General
      • 15 Panel Control Drawing