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Relay Logic Based Panels

If your process or application is of a basic nature (i.e.: pump systems or pH control), it can most effectively be controlled by a relay or instrument based control package. HydroFlo offers many standard relay and instrument based panels for the control of pump systems, process monitoring and alarms, pH control, and many others. Every control panel is designed to UL 508A specifications and will have a UL label upon request. HydroFlo control panels utilize heavy duty components, and are designed for installation in the most demanding industrial environments.

HydroFlo panels are designed, regardless of the process, around your site specific needs. Operator safety is one of our key concerns, so the incorporation of lockable disconnects, emergency stop buttons, and audible alarms are standard features. If required, key personnel can be notified of alarm conditions via e-mail or pager.

Included in your standard package will be electrical ladder logic diagrams, panel layout drawings and a detailed bill of materials, giving you a complete, easy to maintain, well engineered control package.