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PLC Based Control Panel Programming

Relay based logic used to be the standard industrial control system. Today, PLCs have all but taken over. While component selection is an important part of any panel building project, in a PLC based system, code writing and programming have the greatest overall impact on the finished product.

Anybody can assemble a competent panel, but to engineer a cohesive PLC based panel, the programmer must have a complete understanding of both the process and the operation of the overall system. Our control engineers have been working in the industry for a combined 350 years of experience. They have designed some of the most complex packaged systems in operation worldwide, and strive to understand every aspect of your process before they enter the first line of code. HydroFlo has extensive experience with many brands of PLC’s including Allen Bradley, Idec, Modicon, and Siemens. This allows us to design any panel around any brand of PLC. We can easily design a PLC around your site specific standards, whatever they may be.

At HydroFlo, our programmers developed an extensive library that makes it easy to maintain and modify your PLC program. For the same purpose, we have also developed an extensive library of routines. These canned routines have been developed and refined over the past 20 years, giving you an unmatched ease of operation. By spending our time developing standards, we are able to concentrate on the overall process design. If your operator needs to make a program modification or trouble shoot the system, modifications can be completed within hours instead of days and even weeks, in some cases.

Many of our PLC based panels can be accessed through the internet, allowing us to access and modify the program from our offices, saving you both time and money.