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Data Logging Control Panels

Data logging is a method of keeping historical data about your process. Historical information is important in that it allows the operator to make adjustments that will either reduce operating costs, or improve overall system efficiencies.

There are many ways to accumulate and log your system's historical information. Paper chart recorders are capable of tracking basic information like pH and flow rates. SCADA systems are capable of tracking an unlimited number of process variables. Hydro-Flo can supply as basic or sophisticated a solution as your overall process requires.

For those required to supply a paper copy of system effluents to your local MSD, paper recorders are still a necessity. Digital data logging is a more appropriate solution for system operators wishing to track multiple process parameters. This information can be logged in a number of formats, stored on flash memory cards, transferred over Ethernet connections and can be viewed and plotted in common spreadsheet programs.

This data is important to the operator for the day to day operation of complex systems, but is also beneficial in that it can be used to evaluate system performance over an unlimited span of time. Comparing results months or years in the past will help you evaluate any changes you make to your process today.