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Control Panel Standards Compliance

HydroFlo control systems are built to the highest standards. We strive to keep up to date with the most current technology, design/engineering and manufacturing standards, as well as all applicable statutes, codes and regulations. Below is a sample of the types of information we are constantly reviewing and updating. Hydro-Flo is your source for the finest, most up to date technology available today.

21 CFR Part 11

The FDA passed "Title 21Code of Federal Regulations Part 11" or “21 CFR Part 11” in March of 1997. This regulation defines the practices for the storage and control of electronic records, along with the implementation of electronic signatures.

This gives the FDA a way to automatically procure data collection (from FDA regulated industries) by electronically recording it. This gives the FDA a method of ensuring the acquisition of authentic data. This makes the transfer of data seamless and also eliminates the customer intensive paper trail required in the past.

As part of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, Hydro-Flo incorporates software with special access scripts and audit logs. Hydro-Flo will custom package the PLC hardware and database software with close collaboration with the end user's IT department to implement a compliant 21 CFR Part 11 system.

The HydroFlo SCADA SQL database stores and passes the inherently authentic data in an open format that is easily accessible via any internet browser. Even your recipe data is stored in a database. Any changes to the recipe automatically generates an audit trail. Every Hydro-Flo SCADA system comes with a report "plug in" that generates a PDF formatted report within the SCADA software. Once a report is generated, the data is transferred directly into a "read-only" document. All possibilities of "data manipulation" have been eliminated.

ANSI/ISA-88 (S88)

At HydroFlo, our batch control systems are designed in accordance with ANSI/ISA "Batch Control Standard-88.01" (commonly referred to as S88). S88 helps achieve the two key goals in any batch processing process: consistent results along with easy process management.

At HydroFlo, our programmers have reduced development time with the development of a custom S88 engine. Along with thi, we have developed an extensive library of routines that makes it easy to maintain and modify your PLC program. These canned routines have been developed and refined over the past 20 years, giving you unmatched ease of operation. By spending our time developing standards, we are able to concentrate on the overall process design. If your operator needs to make a program modification or trouble shoot the system, modifications can be completed within hours, instead of days and even weeks in some cases.

Following the "S88" standard gives us the greatest flexibility over system processes. Changes to chemical addition rates, etc. are easy and repeatable. Reduced batch time, constant batches and increased process rates are just a few of the benefits offered by a Hydro-Flo "S88" batch control system.