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Chemical Reaction Systems

pH adjustment, neutralization, precipitation and specialty chemical reaction systems


Inclined Plate (IPC) Clarifiers

Control Panels

World class PLC and relay logic based panels

DAF (dissolved air flotation) Flotation Systems

Traditional and lamella plate dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems

Media Filters

Sand (deep bed and high rate), multi-media and specialty filters

Media Packs

Media Packs for oil / water (immiscible liquids), DAF, sedimentation and custom separation systems

Oil Water Separators

API, enhanced gravity and pressurized separators suitable for any application

Packaged Systems

Pre-packaged turnkey systems for hundreds of applications

Pump Packages

Centrifugal, positive displacement and progressive cavity pump packages


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Hydro-Flo Technologies, Inc.

At Hydro-Flo Technologies, Inc. we manufacture a broad line of equipment suitable for process water, potable water and  wastewater treatment applications.  Whether you require a  single piece of specialized equipment or a complete turnkey system, Hydro-Flo can meet your water treatment needs.  Our application engineers will take the time to understand your water treatment issues, and recommend the most effective and economical solution to your problem.

Hydro-Flo manufactures process water treatment equipment and systems capable of achieving any water quality goals for your manufacturing process.  We manufacture both batch and continuous flow chemical reaction systems, pH adjustment, pH neutralization, multi-stage-process reaction systems, sand filters, inclined plate clarifiers (lamella clarifier), flotation systems (DAF & IAF), media filters, oil water separators, media packs, control panels, pump packages, etc.  We can even engineer turnkey packaged systems that come complete with all the process controls and fluid handling systems required of a fully functioning system.

ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier (Parallel Plate Clarifier, Lamella CLarifier) Installed at a Nissan Manufacturing Facility Pressure Rated Oil Water Separator for Installation in a Dow Chemical Refinery Dissloved Air Flotation System, DAF High Rate Sand Filter, Deep Bed Sand Filter, Multimedia Filter Enhanced Gravity, DynaPac Coalescing Oil Water Separator

Our potable water treatment equipment is designed for institutional and municipal applications worldwide.  Lamella clarifier plate packs, dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems and multimedia filters are available for even the largest application.  Contac Hydro-Flo today for more detailed information.

Hydro-Flo has been manufacturing water and wastewater treatment equipment for over 20 years.  Installations of our equipment can be found around the globe.  Thousands of oil water separators, inclined plate clarifiers (lamella clarifier), Dissolved air flotation systems (DAF), multimedia filters of all types and configuration, pH adjustment, pH neutralization and specialized packaged systems are installed and operating day in and day out providing years of continuous, problem free operation.

All of our equipment is designed and sized according to application specific criteria assuring you of reliability, performance and unsurpassed value for your dollar. Our designs are constantly reviewed and upgraded in order to provide state-of-the-art performance, simple installation, and easy operation.

We are continuously striving to improve the quality of our products and services to meet or exceed your expectations.  Put our experience, know-how, and resources to work for you. Application specific consultations are available at no cost or obligation.

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Inclined Plate Clarifier Design Parameters
Detailed information on the design and sizing of inclined plate clarifiers and clarification systems

Dissolved Air Flotation System Design & Sizing information

Dissolved Air Flotation Design Parameters
Detailed information on the design and sizing of dissolved air flotation separators and separation systems

Oil Water Separator Design & Sizing information

Oil Water Separator Design Parameters
Detailed information on the design and sizing of oil water separators and separation systems

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Oil Water Separators

Our expertise in the design, engineering and application of oil water separation in unmatched.  Our staff has practical experience in this area of wastewater treatment going back to the 1970's.  Over the years, others have tried to unsuccessfully duplicate our separators.  They may manufacture a device that looks like a Hydro-Flo oil water separator, they never acquired all the required design and application experience.  A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing and it reflects in their overall approach to oil water separator design.

DynaPac Enhanced Gravity "coalescing" Oil Water SeparatorHydro-Flo's lineup of oil water separators is the most diverse in the marketplace.  Our standard systems are available for treating flow rates of a little as 5 GPM to as much as 3,000 GPM and more.

Also, our separators are designed and manufactured to the highest standards available today and will perform better than any other separation system manufactured anywhere.

Our oil water separators are modular in construction allowing you to add additional features like sludge augers, surface drag skimmers and even dissolved air recirculation systems.  Hydro-Flo oil water separators allow you to alter their configuration in order to meet changing in house and MSD regulations.


Hydro-Flo offers more configurations of inclined plate clarifiers (lamella clarifier) than any other clarifier manufacturer.  The length of the lamella plate packs in our ClariMax line of clarifiers are available from 4' to 12" long with plate spacing anywhere from 3/4" to more than 3".

ClariMax Inclined Plate Clarifier "section"Do you need a clarifier sized for a specific application?  Do you need to replace outdated or dilapidated equipment?  Are you looking for a supplier who can supply equipment meeting a competitive specification?  Come to Hydro-Flo.  Our designers and engineers can  configure our clarifier to meet any site specific requirement.

"Hydro-Flo products are the BEST.  We have been operating Hydro-Flo packaged systems side by side with other systems for over 15 years and Hydro-Flo beats the competition on all levels.

We can process 30% more wastewater through the Hydro-Flo systems, producing better quality, at a lower operating and (substantially lower) maintenance cost than the other systems."

Engineering Technician "wastewater systems operator",
US Navy

Replacement Media Packs

Hydro-Flo manufactures a broad line of media packs for oil water separators, inclined plate - parallel plate - lamella type clarifiers, biological systems, etc...  We can supply packs for both stand alone fabricated devices or large in ground systems.

DynaPac Cross Corrugated "Coalescing" Oil Water Separator MediaSized to handle any flow rate and designed to handle even the highest product loading ratios.  Hydro-Flo media packs are designed and built to deliver state-of-the-art results and the longest service life achievable.

A wide variety of materials of construction are available to meet even the most demanding applications.

Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

Hydro-Flo has been manufacturing dissolved air flotation systems (DAF's) for over 20 years.  We have the expertise to design and specify a system specifically around your site specific requirements

Dissolved Air Flotation System, DAF

Chemical Reaction Systems

Whether you need a batch or continuous flow chemical reaction system, Hydro-Flo has the expertise required to solve any chemical treatment issue.

Our systems are designed for optimum treatment at the lowest possible chemical consumption.  Designed and built to last, our systems basic configuration can be altered to handle today's requirements as well as changing requirements in the future.

pH Neutralization, Chemical Reaction System

Our packed chemical reaction systems are fully engineered. Your only requirement is to plump the system in line and bring power to the pre-packed skid.

Media Filters

High rate sand filters, deep bed sand filters and multimedia filters (as well as custom configurations) are available.  All Hydro-Flo media filters are designed and built using readily available valves, controls and internal components.  No specially fabricated proprietary developed valves and internals are used.

Multimedia "sand" filter system

What that means to you, the customer, is that when maintenance is required on your sand filter or multimedia system, replacement parts will be readily available from a number of different suppliers (not just the original manufacturer at higher than typical mark-ups).  This is just one of the reasons that our filters are the least expensive to operate and maintain over the life of the equipment.

Custom Pump Systems

Until recently, these pump packages were only available with our packaged water treatment systems.  Quality construction and thoughtful design have always been a Hydro-Flo trademark.

Pre-Packaged Pump Skids And Pump Systems

Over the years we have packaged hundreds of custom pump systems, each with their own fluid transfer issues.  Our pump systems are designed to satisfy your specific application and are built to deliver the longest service life with the lowest associated maintenance costs.

"I find the design information available on the Hydro-Flo site very helpful, especially the sizing spreadsheets.  If I am specifying a system that requires a clarifier, oil water separator, dissolved air flotation system, etc... I always run the data through one of their spreadsheets.  I have found them to be very easy to use and extremely accurate.  The results have always been spot on."

Environmental Engineer, SE Environmental

Custom Control Panels

Custom Control PanelOver the past year we have received numerous calls from existing customers asking about custom control systems.  As with our pump systems, until recently, our custom control packages were only available as a part of a packaged water treatment system.

We are a world-class, full service control system design, integration and process system manufacturer.  With over 20 years experience with automated systems, Hydro-Flo has the expertise to solve even your most complex controls issues.

"We have been using Hydro-Flo separators on our offshore drilling rigs with excellent results.  Their application engineers always review our project requirements making sure that the equipment we order is going to perform up to our expectations."

Engineering Superintendant, Schahin

Wastewater Treatment Equipment